10 Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers 2023 and Definite Buyers Guide

Golf success depends on becoming a solid hitter off the tee, sending the ball a long way, and finding the fairway. Your style of play and swing should be taken into consideration when choosing a driver.

It can be difficult to find a driver that works for all players with high handicaps since every player is different. The majority of players in this category tend to value a few attributes more than others.

It is generally believed that high handicappers have slower swing speeds and could benefit from some assistance with distance and ball launch. A larger, more forgiving head would also benefit high handicappers, who are notorious for having difficulty hitting the ball solidly.

Even so, choosing the best driver can feel overwhelming because there are countless options available. You’re in the right place, fortunately.

10 Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers 2022

The following guide reviews and compares our picks for the best golf drivers for high handicappers across a variety of brands. You can choose drivers released for the most current season or from a previous year.

1. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best beginner & high-handicap drivers


A feature you’ll appreciate about the Launcher HB Turbo is its exceptionally high MOI while maintaining low spin and maximum forgiveness. As a result of this driver’s new counterbalanced shaft, golfers can also expect more consistent performance.

Key Features:

  • Turbocharged cup face: Enhanced with a variable face, the turbocharged cup face provides higher COR over a larger impact area, resulting in faster ball speeds and longer distances.
  • HI bore Crown: HI Bore Crown reduces center-of-gravity (CG) by two degrees. For optimal launch conditions, the CG can be lowered by 2mm.
  • Deep weighting: A significant increase in MOI can be achieved by using discretionary mass savings
  • Ultralight hostel: The weight has been reduced externally and internally, and the weight has been redistributed low and deep for an increased launch and forgiveness.
  • Counterbalanced shaft design: This launcher HB Turbo driver has been designed specifically for the MIYAZAKI C. Kuma center of gravity, which will increase MOI by relocating the center of gravity higher toward the grip.
The swing is very easy and the grip is very goodHigh swing speeds are not recommended
FriendlinessThe sound would be deafening at first
A premium-looking driverSome people may not be able to use offset addresses.
A good choice for people who are prone to slicing
Pros and Cons of Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Final Thought

Both the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo and HB Turbo Draw drivers are sure to improve your game if you’re looking for a technologically advanced driver.

2. PXG 0211 DRIVER

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best driver for beginners & high handicap golfers


In terms of value, the PXG 0211 driver offers something most people do not associate with PXG: an enormous amount of benefits. At a midmarket price, this product delivers great performance.

Key Features:

  • In the Weight-Back design, the CG is positioned deep in the club head for maximum forgiveness and high launch.
  • Titanium alloy faces are among the lightest and hottest available today. This results in faster clubheads and balls.
  • CG is optimized with honeycomb TPE inserts in the back.
Compared to other products on the market, this is the cheapest.Black isn’t everyone’s favorite color.
Fitting and customization are easy with plenty of loft and shaft options.Shipping times might take a while due to such high demand.
The titanium alloy face is one of the hottest on the market.Low price special ends at the end of June.
Pros and Cons of  PXG 0211 DRIVER

Final Thought

Both the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo and HB Turbo Draw drivers are sure to improve your game if you’re looking for a technologically advanced driver.

3.TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best beginner driver


As a result of this driver’s draw-biased setup, you’ll be better equipped to combat slices. A great deal of forgiveness is offered without sacrificing distance. You should consider this driver if you want straighter drives.

Key Features:

  • Forged Ring Construction: The back of the club is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum, which reduces weight and greatly enhances forgiveness.
  • Split Mass Weighting: This golf club features a 24g tungsten rear weight and a 3g TPS sole weight, resulting in precise custom weighting, increased forgiveness, and optimal spin properties.
  • Asymmetric Inertia Generator: enables faster clubhead aerodynamics and better stabilization.
  • Speed-Injected Twist Face: The Twist Face is injected with speed-enhancing materials to bring the face’s speed (COR) up to the legal limit.
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: This Speed Pocket design has increased sole flexibility, increasing ball speed and forgiveness low on the face.
Fights a sliceDraw bias could be increased
Awesome forgivenessLittle Expensive
Beautiful feel
Fast ball speeds
Easy to swing
Pros and Cons of  TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver

Final Thought

There is no doubt that TaylorMade SIM 2 Max and SIM 2 Max D drivers deliver exceptional performance all around. A SIM 2 Max or Max D is an excellent driver for beginners if money isn’t an issue. There are some great deals on original SIM drivers available now if you’re on a budget.

4.TaylorMade M4 Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best driver for beginners & high handicap


The M4 should be seen both as the successor to the M2 and as a lighter, more accommodating alternative to the M3. A larger face is achieved by combining Geocoustic technology with the same technologies of the M3, minus the movable weights.

Key Features:

  • Off-center hits will result in less side spin with a new face curve and corrected face angle; For more consistent spin, the high toe side will be lofted and the low heel will be less lofted
  • Hammerhead Slot: Lighter, more flexible outer portions enable a larger sweet spot due to the reinforced outer portions
  • Ball speed is increased low on the face of the slot due to the angled center portion, and unwanted spin is dropped for more distance
  • The reduced sole volume enables a larger and more forgiving face; Shaped for a solid and explosive sound
The performance of many M2 and M3 models is much betterSome people prefer a crisper feel at impact
A great deal of success with off-center hitsThe distance underwhelms some people
Designed to provide maximum distance and straighten out shots, the Twist Face produces effective results
Getting used to it makes them feel very consistent
Golfers will have less confusion and complexity if there are no movable weights
Pros and Cons of TaylorMade M4 Driver

Final Thought

Despite its lack of a weight track, the TaylorMade M4 driver rivals the performance of the M3 and offers superior sound and feel. The M4 performs better for many golfers for whatever reason than the M3, for whatever reason.  

5. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best for high handicappers looking for a very forgiving driver


An offset slice is designed to counteract a slice. To compensate for the lost distance, the Flash Face promotes faster ball speeds.

Key Features: 

  • As a result of the AI Flash Face design, ball speeds are accelerated across the face of the club for longer distances even on mishits.
  • Players who slice benefit from internal draw bias.
  • A faster clubhead speed and improved forgiveness are made possible by the addition of jailbreak technology and a T2C triaxial carbon crown.
It is possible to hit the ball straighter with internal draw bias weightingIn terms of adjustability and feel, this isn’t ideal for golfers
Forgiving sweet spot with a large footprint 
Increased swing speed with a lightweight feel 
It takes very little effort to launch
As compared to previous models, the dispersion rate is lower 
Pros & Cons Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Final Thought

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 golf driver is the most forgiving golf driver for beginners and high handicappers. A great thing about the B21 is that it was designed specifically for this player. There is no claim that the B21 is a players club or has workability; everything about it is designed for forgiveness. 

6. Callaway Epic Max Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best game-improvement driver 


Off the tee, this driver gives you a lot of forgiveness. You feel confident addressing this size and width. Your shot shape can be fine-tuned with an adjustable weight.

Key Features:

  • We have engineered Epic MAX using Artificial Intelligence to engineer a NEW formula for speed.
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame delivers epic ball speeds using artificial intelligence. This new structure is made more stable in both horizontal and torsional directions by applying Artificial Intelligence.
  • This Flash Face is specifically designed to optimize the Jailbreak Speed Frame, promoting fast speeds over a larger area.
  • With Epic MAX, you get exceptionally high forgiveness, starting with Triaxial Carbon, which is lighter and stronger than titanium. To promote high launch and forgiveness, our engineers redistributed that weight.
  • The 17g sliding rear weight allows golfers to adjust the ball flight to their liking. Combined with the OptiFit hosel, the Epic MAX provides up to 20 yards of shot shape correction.
Loads of forgivenessWill launch too high for some
Looks big and wide at the address
Easy to launch
Great ball flight
Adjustable weighting for shot shaping
Pros & Cons Callaway Epic Max Driver

Final Thought:

For beginners and high handicappers, the Callaway Epic Max Driver is the best premium driver if money is no object and you simply want the best technology. It is one of the most forgiving drivers that Callaway has ever created due to the artificial intelligence used to develop it. 

7. Callaway X-Hot Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best Budget-Friendly Driver


Callaway’s X Hot Driver may not be suitable for those seeking the latest technology and design in a driver. If you are looking for a reliable driver and do not want to break the bank, the Callaway X Hot is precisely what you are looking for.

Key Features:

  • Forgiveness in head shape, speed, and long distance
  • Ball speeds are faster on center and off-center hits when the VFT face is used
  • Optimize your driver setting by adjusting the loft and lie
  • The center of gravity is positioned precisely and the launch is consistent thanks to chemical milling
The best-performing driver on the market at a reasonable price.Compared to other drivers, Club lacks some new technology.
VFT Technology makes the X Hot extremely forgiving.There is limited availability due to the age of the club.
Compared to other drivers of the same generation, the price point is much lower.Some golfers may not like the shallow profile of the head
Pros & Cons Callaway X-Hot Driver

Final Thoughts:

Don’t spend a fortune on a new driver if yours is a bit dated. Try the Callaway X Hot instead. There’s a good chance you’ll notice a noticeable improvement and end up keeping it. 

8.TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

 High-performing drivers


Since the 1950s, TaylorMade has been developing high-performance drivers for golf equipment.
A brand-new layered carbon fiber face replaces the traditional titanium face on the Stealth driver. This transition has been in the works for 20 years, according to TaylorMade, and it has been called the “Carbonwood Age” by the company.

Key Features:

60X Carbon Twist Face: Each layer of carbon sheets is strategically arranged to maximize ball speeds throughout the face. Compared to previous TaylorMade SIM faces, this one is 40% lighter and larger.

Nanotexture Cover: The Twist Face is encased in a polyurethane cover made of new nanotexture technology. Launch and spin are optimized with this cover.

Asymmetric Inertia Generator: Boosts aerodynamics and shifts the center of gravity back to increase stability. By removing the sliding weight track and saving weight from the Twist Face, MOI is further shifted low and deep.  

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket:   In addition to increased ball speed and forgiveness low on the face, the most flexible Speed Pocket design yet increases sole flexibility.

Fast and forgiving at the same timeIt feels too similar to a sweet spot strike when a mis-hit occurs
TM driver performs better than previous versionsThere is no unique feel to carbon fiber faces
Stealth’s sleek aesthetic fits with its name
Feels powerful when impacting
Pros & Cons of TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

Final Thoughts:

I believe TaylorMade’s Stealth driver is the perfect combination of launch, spin, and distance. A neutral flight bias makes it a good choice for high handicappers who aren’t seeking the highest launch.

9. PING G425 Max Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Very Forgiving Driver 


High handicappers will find the G425 MAX extremely desirable because it maximizes moment of inertia (MOI). A fast ball speed, a comfortable feel, and a range of adjustments are all included in this driver.

Key Features:

  • Tungsten Movable Weight: As a result of this 26-gram weight, the CG has been shifted low and back, pushing the total MOI to a record 10,000. Depending on the position, it can be faded, neutralized, or drawn.
  • Dragonfly Crown Technology: The ultra-thin Ti 8-1-1 crown increases MOI and distance by redistributing weight savings.
  • T9S+ Forged Face: A high-strength, precision-machined face maximizes ball speed at impact by maximizing flexion across the face.
  • Internal Ribbing: Key sections of the head are reinforced by internal ribs in Ti 8-1-1 bodies. It enhances the sound and feel of the room and improves the acoustics.
  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0 Hosel: With this lightweight, aerodynamic, adjustable hosel, you can fine-tune your trajectory to the best of your ability.
  • Crown Turbulators: In addition to these features, the swing speed is increased by a special aerodynamic design that reduces drag.
Pros Cons
You can split fairways with phenomenal mis-hit forgivenessSound is unappealing to some
With moveable weights and shafts, there is a lot of flexibilityPricey
Feels great at impact
This aesthetic is cool
Pros & Cons of PING G425 Max Driver

Final Thoughts

The PING G425 MAX is an excellent choice for high handicappers looking for a very forgiving driver with movable sole weights. If you’re a gamer, you’re going to love it.

10. Wilson D9 Driver

Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best beginner & high-handicap drivers


Computer modeling software was used to simulate hundreds of different clubhead variations to develop the D9 driver. Additionally, it has a three-layer composite crown that reduces weight and vibration.

Key Features:

  • MAXIMUM DISTANCE OFF MORE OF THE FACE: Performance has been honed into every millimeter of the D9 driver. The Peak Kinetic Response Face optimizes both forgiveness and ball speed by dividing the face into fractal zones tuned for explosive distance.
  • As standard, a 10-gram sole weight is available, while a superlightweight 3-gram sole weight allows the player to adjust the moment of inertia and forgiveness to their liking.
I highly recommend this productTesting is essential before buying due to the lack of adjustability
A Wilson driver that looks better than everThe sound could have been muted more
The launch is very easy and the forgiveness is excellent
Achieved comparable distances to the most popular models on the market
Pros & Cons of Wilson D9 Driver

Final Thoughts

Other than its good looks and solid performance, the Wilson Staff D9 driver is also noteworthy for its price – $349.99. Although expensive for a single club, it is still a good deal when compared to most other brands. 

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Choosing a driver as a higher handicapper (18 or above) isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are many drivers available today, and knowing which one to choose isn’t always easy. In that regard, you will find this guide useful.
To choose the right driver for your game, you need to make sure that it provides a good distance and a reasonable amount of forgiveness. Consider these factors when looking for the right driver:

1. Forgiveness

When you’re a high handicapper who fails to make contact with the middle of the face frequently, forgiveness is certainly one of the most important factors to consider.

It is highly beneficial to have some degree of forgiveness in your driver since at these high swing speeds, minor mis-hits can become very problematic. When playing in the rough, it’s important to avoid it as much as possible.

There are two types of forgiveness: forgiveness based on ball speed and forgiveness based on directional accuracy.

Ball speed forgiveness is a measure of how much speed is preserved in mis-hit regions (towards the toe or heel). Even moderate mis-hits might result in only a few yards of lost distance with modern game improvement drivers.

Directional forgiveness refers to how far a shot deviates from the target line when struck in mis-hit regions. This is closely related to a quantity called the moment of inertia, or MOI.

If the ball doesn’t make contact at the center of mass, a club with a higher MOI is less likely to twist at impact. In general, the closer the ball will start to the target line, the more the club (and thus the face) resists twisting at impact.

The high MOI of many modern drivers makes them attractive to buyers. Your shots will certainly be more stable, and you’ll hit more fairways, but you’ll usually lose some distance and get more backspin as a result.

2. Distance

A high handicapper, like any other golfer, wishes for more distance off the tee. If you drive longer, you will be able to hit shorter, more precise shots into the greens.

Driving strokes are much more affected by distance than accuracy (about 60%-65%), regardless of whether you hit the fairway or not. In a world where golf courses are being lengthened, distance is crucial.

Distance is the primary concern of most modern drivers. Ball speed and club head speed are the two main factors leading to more distance.

When the ball impacts the club face, it travels at its fastest speed. Higher ball speeds result in longer distances. A number called the coefficient of restitution, or COR, is one of the primary factors affecting ball speed.

When a ball strikes the club, COR measures how much energy is transferred. Ball speed increases with higher COR. It is technically possible to have a value between 0 and 1, but the USGA prohibits it from being higher than 0.83 in golf clubs.

When a club hits the ball, its head speed determines how fast it goes. Aerodynamics is used by manufacturers to improve this by making the club move faster and more efficiently through the air.

The goal of driver manufacturers is to maximize COR across the club face and maximize speed by optimizing aerodynamics. Moreover, they try to minimize spin for the longest drivers, to increase distance even further.

3. Looks

Looks are an important factor to consider when selecting a driver. You’ll probably make a better swing if you choose a driver that suits your eye, but aesthetics aren’t everything.

An elongated crown and a large face are preferred by many high handicappers. As a result, you tend to feel more confident when you are set up behind the ball. Some high handicappers, however, may prefer a head that is more compact for easier shot shaping.

Among these features are movable sole weights and adjustable hosels, which are related to adjustability. The position of the weights may alter loft and lie, introduce draw biases, or add stability.

Drivers need adjustability because it allows them to find the setting that is most suitable for them, even if they are not seeing stellar performance initially. Despite the added weight, it tends to result in less forgiveness.

4. Feel

Your feeling about the driver during the swing and after impact can also have an impact on your ability to make a good swing. The importance of this is evident to some golfers who play by feel.

It is important for the club weight to feel balanced, but more importantly, it should not be too heavy or too light, as both can negatively affect your performance.

A good driver should feel solid on impact and like the ball is exploding. Your confidence will rise, and you will be able to move faster through the shot. It can be counterproductive to have a hollow or tinny sound.

You also need to consider how much the feel degrades as the impact moves away from the sweet spot towards the mis-hit regions. Most high handicappers will prefer the feel to be as consistent as possible across the face, and in fact, most game-improvement drivers are designed for this.

However, consistent feel comes with a downside, which is that mis-hit feedback is reduced, which makes it harder for you to tell where the ball made contact with the face. You’ll benefit greatly from finding a balance you’re happy with.

5. Shaft

Due to its influence on swing weight, feel, trajectory, and spin, a driver’s shaft can make or break your success.

Today’s drivers mostly use graphite shafts instead of steel shafts because they have higher torque, more flex, and are lighter.

It is, however, highly individual to choose the right shaft. A wide range of golfers can choose from one or more stock shaft options with modern drivers, as well as custom shafts, which

Weight and flex are two important factors to consider when choosing a shaft.

In addition to less control and less club head speed, too-heavy shafts can result in low launches. It is possible to decelerate in the downswing if a shaft is too light for you, resulting in excessive launch and spin.

It is generally determined by your swing speed which shaft flex suits you best, with less flex suited to high swing speeds and more suited to low swing speeds. Here are some guidelines:

6. Price

Buying a driver for $500 or more isn’t within everyone’s means these days. This amount is not the only option available.

You can usually find better deals on older models of drivers. The performance of a $300 driver is often better than a $500 driver.

The driver doesn’t have to be from the current season. However, as time passes, a particular model becomes less and less available, and you lose the ability to order it custom. It may only be possible to purchase it used at that point. Drivers older than three seasons are generally not recommended.

Here you will find a list of driver models that span a wide range of prices and brands. You can reduce both the final cost and risk of the purchase, but the good news is that there are ways to do it.

For instance, Global Golf, one of our top recommendations for online golf equipment, offers club trade-ins and a program called Utry, which lets you try drivers before purchasing. The opportunity to find your ideal clubs has never been greater, so take advantage of it.


It is a huge asset to a golfer’s toolkit to have a reliable, high-quality driver. As a high handicapper, it is certainly possible to find a model that meets your needs.

In summary, high-handicap golfers are capable of playing any driver successfully, though they tend to gravitate toward wider, more confident heads, high ball speeds, and high forgiveness drivers.

Many drivers will come pretty close to ticking all your boxes.

It is clear from the reviews above that each model of driver delivers outstanding performance. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision; the rest is up to you.

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